New products launched at ISSA/Interclean – Amsterdam

The Managing Director and Marketing Director, (brother and sister duo) attended ISSA/Interclean Exhibition in Amsterdam last week to check out new washroom products on the market.

ISSA/INTERCLEAN Amsterdam is specially praised for its opportunities for networking and doing business, along with the overview it provides of the international market.

Remaining, first and foremost, a networking event, the show brings together everyone working in the cleaning and hygiene sector.


VR Sani-Co were amazed at all the new innovative washroom products we certainly felt there’s never been a more exciting time to be a member of the cleaning industry.

From cool looking sanitary bins, to ultra modern looking nappy bins, dispensers with fish in and bright pink fluffy hand dryers who knew washroom products and services could be so different, eye catching and dare I say it cool!

New Product Launch
VR predominately went to network and see what new products are out there or being bought out within the washroom market. The fact it was in the most beautiful city of Amsterdam was of course an added bonus.

To fellow washroom companies reading this the exhibition is definitely worth a visit!


26 Arkley Road, Herne Bay
Kent. CT6 5SL