Mr Crowther donates more than just his time!

Martin Crowther, Chairman of VR Sani-Co Ltd in Herne Bay Kent has been awarded his “75” badge and certificate for donating 75 pints of blood. It’s in recognition for his generosity in giving blood.

Martin who set up VR Sani-Co Ltd a sanitary bin service company in Herne Bay, near Canterbury, Kent over 20 years ago has been donating his blood for many many years and we are incredibly proud of him for this achievement. Like Martin said himself, “If its saved just one life that is amazing”. In truth I also think he enjoys the crisps and squash and the natter with the nurses after! (As his daughter I am allowed to say that!)

Donates BloodDonates Blood

So from us all here at VR Sani-Co – “WELL DONE”


26 Arkley Road, Herne Bay
Kent. CT6 5SL