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Periods In A Post-Covid World

Now that things are beginning to settle down into a new kind of normal, what is the impact of Covid-19 going to be long term on the world of periods and sanitary healthcare?

As experienced providers of Sanitary bin care, we like to keep on top of the latest news that may affect our customers, so here are our findings on what periods are now in this Post-Covid...Continue reading →

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What Do All Public Washrooms Need?

Public toilets should be a significant investment for any business or council. They are essential to public health and safety and provide us with the privacy and dignity to take care of our sanitation needs while out of the comforts of our own homes. It is essential, therefore, that when designing these washrooms, facilities managers take into consideration what is necessary for visitors to walk away with a positive...Continue reading →

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Are Washroom Services Safe During Coronavirus

As lockdown begins to ease, many of us are out and about, whether it’s to the beach, for a walk with friends or to a non-essential shop for the first time in months. And along with all the other considerations that we must take into account when leaving the house, one of the most important questions on people’s minds is whether or not public toilets will be safe or hygienic to use whilst we are still in the midst of...Continue reading →

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What Would Life Look Like Without Sanitation

Of all the things we have access to in our daily lives, access to toilet facilities and sanitation (no matter how dirty or neglected!) might just be one of the things we most take for granted. Of course, it’s extremely easy to get caught up in the fashionable side of washroom services. While it is important that hygiene services be up to a particular standard, however, it’s equally important to remember how lucky we...Continue reading →

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Unique Washroom Services in the UK

It takes a lot for us to notice a washroom service or public toilet. Most of the time our visits to these facilities aren’t with the intention to admire the scenery, and many of us are likely grateful if there is even toilet paper left at the end of a busy day. At the risk of creating a negative impression for customers with a subpar washroom, it is vital that businesses make...Continue reading →

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Why Are Public Toilets So Important?

We have all been there – that moment when you suddenly need to go to the toilet, only to find that there are no amenities anywhere nearby. Being ‘caught short’, as it is called, is sometimes inevitable. There are plenty of places in the world where you would be more than lucky to find a conveniently-placed lavatory. But these...Continue reading →

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Common Washroom Complaints That Are Easy to Fix

Unless we want to be tethered to our homes at all times the way that Victorian ladies were forced to, the use of public washroom services is absolutely vital to our daily lives. Whether you’re running errands or out having fun with your friends and family, there are few experiences more frustrating than the idea of holding out for the toilet ‘til you get home, with no public washroom...Continue reading →

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How Have Washrooms Changed Over the Years?

Most of us take for granted that, in many parts of the world, we are able to use indoor washrooms that are clean, safe and private. In fact, washrooms have become such a regular part of our lives, it’s easy to forget that they were a considerable technological step forward  - and one that keeps on advancing. Once just a hole in the ground, some washroom services now...Continue reading →

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Common Culture Shocks When Using Washroom Services Abroad

It may not be the first thought to cross your mind when jetting off on holiday or setting out on a business trip, but the washroom experience is something that can have a significant effect on our daily lives, especially if you spend most of your day away from your home or hotel.

Continue reading →

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Why Sanitary Bins are Necessary for Your Business

Sanitary bins and sanitary products have gained a lot of media attention in the last few years, from period poverty to environmental concerns. Yet despite being a legal requirement for all public places and businesses in the UK, it is still far too common for these facilities to be either inadequate or simply non-existent in public washrooms.


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