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How Does Brand Trust Relate to COVID-19

2020 has, without a doubt, been a year that will go down in memory and in history for many reasons. But one of the most interesting ways in which COVID, lockdown and new health and safety restrictions have impacted our lives, is through our relationship as consumers and businesses with the brands and names we choose to associate ourselves with.

It’s not as though...Continue reading →

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Are Periods Holding Women Back?

For many years, women taking a daily birth control pill have been advised to go pill-free for a week every month, and experience a monthly bleed that is akin to a normal period. However, when using other methods of hormonal contraception (such as the implant), some women have experienced an entire cessation of monthly bleeding, and the medical community is now embracing the idea that women needn’t Continue reading →

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How Can Washroom Services Improve Your Employees’ Work Environment

Being an employer includes an entire host of responsibilities, some far more demanding than others. Arguably, however, one of the most important parts of being an employer is the wellbeing of your employees. A positive work environment can lead to a more relaxed and productive atmosphere, as well as good company culture. 

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Your Menstrual Cycle Explained

Whenever we discuss menstruation or anything to do with menstrual health, the general “flow” of the conversation will usually turn towards all the negative things that we associate with the experience. And considering that for many people periods come with the unwelcome baggage of pain, mood swings and cravings, it’s certainly understandable that seeking out the positives is not at the top of most people’s...Continue reading →

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The Benefits of Exercising During Your Period

On a list of activities that most people would avoid at all costs during menstruation, exercise (or even, any kind of movement) is likely to sit at number one. Hot water bottles, chocolate and movie nights are a much more attractive alternative than sweating away at the gym when your body is running you ragged. 

But as much as it may pain us to admit it, exercise...Continue reading →

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What Are We Doing to Tackle Period Taboos?

As a culture, we’re not particularly good at discussing our bodily functions, regardless of what they may be. However, it cannot be denied that menstruation comes with its own particular brand of taboo. When it comes to using the toilet, we may not do our business in public, for example, but we have no qualms about buying toilet paper out in the open or even telling a friend, co-worker or even a total stranger that you...Continue reading →

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How Has Lockdown Affected Your Menstrual Cycle

There’s no denying it, lockdown has affected us all, whether that be positively or negatively. Some of us are tearing our hair out wishing for freedom, whereas others are enjoying having no choice but to stay home and unwind. But the one thing we can all agree on is that our routines have changed significantly in the last couple of months. 

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How to Practise Good Hygiene During COVID-19

Coronavirus has changed the day-to-day lives of almost every single person on the planet. And regardless of what your standards of personal hygiene were before, it’s very likely that your daily routine has changed considerably in the last two months with regards to hygiene. Not just your own personal hygiene, but the way in which you prepare food, receive deliveries or even clean your house. 

Public toilets are some of the most essential facilities in our day-to-day lives and yet so many of us find it difficult to come across adequate examples, whether it be at work, at school or at the park. However, designing the perfect washroom services is far from an easy task. 

Not only are they a significant financial investment, but there are many...Continue reading →

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A Simple Guide to Washroom Hand Hygiene

Hand washing is one of the easiest and most effective tools at our disposal for preventing sickness and disease and ensuring that we are clean and hygienic. When it comes to visiting a washroom or public toilet, it’s more important than ever that we are aware of our hands and keeping them as clean as possible. 

However, despite the fact that all of us know...Continue reading →


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