Overlooked Considerations For Men’s Washroom Facilities

Whether it be sanitary products or nappies, sanitary waste disposal in public bathrooms is an issue that has been synonymous with women’s facilities for many years. While the issues surrounding the provision of adequate disposal facilities for women are by no means over, the lack of waste disposal facilities in men’s bathrooms is beginning to draw attention. Far from being a luxury, there are in fact...

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How Scotland is Tackling Period Poverty

Period poverty has become a moral imperative for governments all over the world, and with good reason. Due to lack of funds, thousands of women and girls across the UK are forced to resort to unhygienic, and sometimes dangerous methods during their menstrual cycle. In fact, the latest research suggests that Continue reading →

Shortage of Sanitary Bins in Northern Ireland’s Public Toilets

They may not be as appealing as a city library, but public toilets are an essential part of our daily lives. Yet despite the importance of these facilities,  many of our public toilets are being neglected, both by councils and the public. A recent poll revealed that over a third of us would prefer to pay the price of a drink in a restaurant or cafe in order to use their facilities, rather than use a free public...

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Houston, there’s no problem: the truth about menstruation in space

Menstruation may still be a thorny topic for discussion in the workplace even now, but imagine being the first woman ever to do your job. For the first female astronauts, periods were an even trickier subject to broach with their almost all-male colleagues at NASA. Even in industries where female co-workers are far more common, men have on the whole been “spared” the...

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Sanitary Bins FAQ: Everything You Need to Know

Sanitary Bins Kennedy Grey Pair

The phrase ‘everything you wanted to know but were too afraid to ask’ could easily apply to sanitary bins. Many decision makers are uncertain about the requirements surrounding sanitary bin provision and maintenance, while others may not have thought to investigate. Whether you’re a business seeking the legal requirements around sanitary bins, or are generally unsure...

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How facility managers can make their buildings more environmentally friendly

To all those who scroll through the headlines every morning, or open up their daily paper, it can feel as if there’s no end to the bad news regarding our environment. Plastic waste, water shortages, widespread pollution and the ever-looming threat of climate change hang over us all; the sheer scale of the problem is often overwhelming. However, we aren’t completely powerless. We can all enact individual changes to help stem the tide, and...

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How businesses and the government are tackling period poverty

Recent studies from The National Office of Statistic show that one third of the UK’s population have experienced poverty in recent years, with women being one of the most susceptible groups. While food banks and affordable housing are two of the more commonly debated subjects, for a variety of reasons period poverty has largely flown under the media radar. However for many women in the UK, the unfortunate reality is that they’re often...

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Sharps disposal regulations for non medical organisations

Sharps instruments undoubtedly play a vital role in carrying out a variety of procedures throughout the UK. However for anyone who uses or handles them regularly, they come with a number of accompanying risks and the potential for injury, either through accidental cutting or pricking of the skin. According to the Health and Safety Executive’s report titled “Eye of the Needle”, there are an estimated 100,000 needlestick injuries every...

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How China’s toilet revolution is tackling health, hygiene and tourism

China, for all its amazing accomplishments, has a long and somewhat notorious reputation when it comes to public toilet hygiene. However in an attempt to clean up public bathrooms throughout the country, President Xi Jinping has made a number of revisions to his “Toilet Revolution” plan, first initiated in 2005. Originally intended to update urban facilities, the latest amendments have broadened its reach, now targeting both domestic and...

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