How Have Washrooms Changed Over the Years?

Most of us take for granted that, in many parts of the world, we are able to use indoor washrooms that are clean, safe and private. In fact, washrooms have become such a regular part of our lives, it’s easy to forget that they were a considerable technological step forward  - and one that keeps on advancing. Once just a hole in the ground, some washroom services now incorporate AI, music and seat warmers to give you a...

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How Technology is Aiding Menstrual Health

The period industry has gradually begun to realise the untapped potential that technology has in transforming the way women experience menstruation. While so many things about our day-to-day lives would look barely recognisable to people even 50 years ago, innovations in menstrual health have been stagnant since the 60s and 70s, when the contraceptive pill and self-adhesive pads seemed to herald a...

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Sanitary Waste Disposal in the USA

Sanitary waste disposal can be a tricky field to navigate. A lack of knowledge or even budget can impede both businesses and facilities managers, whose responsibility it is to ensure that this waste is handled appropriately. This too often means that disposal facilities are overlooked, with consequences for their employees and the environment.

While regulations...

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Why Sanitary Bins are Necessary for Your Business

Sanitary bins and sanitary products have gained a lot of media attention in the last few years, from period poverty to environmental concerns. Yet despite being a legal requirement for all public places and businesses in the UK, it is still far too common for these facilities to be either inadequate or simply non-existent in public washrooms.

While the focus of...

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The Increase of Sharps Disposal Bins in Public Places

These days we’re exposed to so many different types of waste disposal, it can seem like it’s impossible to keep track. Both in our personal lives and in business, segregating our rubbish has become a part of our daily lives, whether we do it out of habit or to consciously to help the environment.

While we may be used to seeing recycling-only bins or bins...

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Health and Safety Considerations For Tattoo Businesses

Tattooing is an artform that has been with us for thousands of years. In recent years, however, tattooing has become more affordable and accessible than ever. They appear in magazines, television and most celebrities will boast tattoos of their own.

Though this is great news for tattoo businesses and artists, who have seen an influx in interest, it is more vital...

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Everything You Need To Know About Sharps Waste Disposal

Sharps Bins

As a business owner, waste management can throw a number of curve balls at you, no matter what kind of waste you are dealing with. What you hope will be a simple and quick process can turn into an endless list of regulations and symbols that don’t seem to make any sense. Though businesses that rely on instruments like needles and other sharp objects (such as the medical...

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Overlooked Considerations For Men’s Washroom Facilities

Whether it be sanitary products or nappies, sanitary waste disposal in public bathrooms is an issue that has been synonymous with women’s facilities for many years. While the issues surrounding the provision of adequate disposal facilities for women are by no means over, the lack of waste disposal facilities in men’s bathrooms is beginning to draw attention. Far from being a luxury, there are in fact...

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